“I have photographed new and remodeled homes for clients throughout California, and travel the world to photograph architecture for my own portfolio. My assistant, Den Dowling, is a web designer and photographer, who specializes in night photography.

Whether photographing an arts and crafts bungalow or a modern, cutting edge structure, it is the use of lighting that defines form. Creating as natural a rendering as possible in order to tell the story of the house is our goal.

- Jeannie O'Connor


Jeannie O'Connor's work has been shown internationally and was awarded the SECA award by SFMOMA and the Phelan award in Photography.

Jeannie O'Connor has a Masters Degree in Fine Art from the University of California , Berkeley. She is a member of ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers. Jeannie O'Connor's award winning work has been exhibited internationally and is in many collections, including the the Bibliotheque National, the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, the Center for Creative Photography, the San Francisco Public Library the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Stanford University, Kaiser, ebay and many corporate and private collections.

Jeannie’s architectural work has been published in American Bungalow, Custom Home, and Residential Design and Build Magazines.

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Jeannie O’Connor photographing .

Jeannie O’Connor photographing .

The View Magazine, 2nd Quarter 2016

The View Magazine, 2nd Quarter 2016


American Bungalow magazine (pdf)

San Francisco Chronicle Magazine "The House that Sausage Built"

San Francisco Chronicle Real Estate section : Southampton St., Oct, 24, 2010

actuell magazine, Berlin Nov. 2010

Custom Home magazine, July/August 2009

Residential Design and Build, July/August 2008

The View Magazine, Crew 2016 (pdf)

Best of ASMP


Jeannie O’Connor Studio

My studio is located in West Oakland. Although the architectural photography is done on location, all post production work and printing is done in the studio.

The studio also contains areas for shooting art and portraits, as well as for painting mixed media work.

2515 Magnolia Street, Oakland, CA 94607 - 510 407-1904

Client List

  • Malik and Associates

  • Greg Klein, Architect

  • Betsy Goodman, Architect

  • Koch Architects, Inc.

  • Tom Turman, Architect

  • Levy Art and Architecture

  • Bill Welte, Construction

  • Tom Andreoni, Construction

  • Aaron Avelar, Construction

  • Tom Allen, Construction

  • Andrea Voinot, Designer

  • Ann Hudner, Project Manager,

  • Higby Building

  • Toomey Tourelle Gallery

  • Ben Buettner, Woodworker

  • Mark Dietrich, Woodworker

  • Gyongy Lacky, Installation

  • Bruce Aidells, Aidells Sausage

  • Hersh Family Law Offices